Mini Translator

Mini Translator produces easy to read formats from EDI data files. It translates EDI into CSV or Excel.

For Windows Mini Translator version 5.1.2, 3.9Mbt .exe file. 20 day trial. Windows: 64bit XP/2008/2012/Vista/7/8/10

For Linux Mini Translator version 5.1.2, 3.1Mbt .zip file. 20 day trial. Linux: 64bit Debian, Ubuntu


  • Translates EDI X12 files into flat CSV or Excel files
  • Takes EDI loops and converts them into table format
  • Basic EDI X12 translation is easy to setup
  • Does not require complex setup for trading partners, enveloping or orchestrations
  • Program is small and easy to install
  • Performs basic EDI validation
  • For more complex translations please look at XTranslator

Included Tools

  • GUI based translator
  • Command line translator
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  1. Mini Translator 5.x Users Manual PDF file